This manual will help you get the best out of the Celiveo solution as quickly as possible!
It covers the functionalities of Celiveo to provide you with information about installing, configuring and using our solution.

Terms and Acronyms

This section lists the standard terminology used in Celiveo.

Acronym Full-Form Definition
CVP Celiveo Virtual Printer Celiveo Virtual Printer is the agent installed in workstations and PCs for Driver Management, Serverless Pull Printing and Print Direct.
CSVP Celiveo Shared Virtual Printer Celiveo Shared Virtual Printer is the agent installed in Print Servers for Driver Management and Server-based Pull Printing.
CSS Celiveo Server Services Job Storage Service in Celiveo Virtual Printer and Celiveo Shared Virtual Printer.
WA Web Admin Celiveo Web Admin is the central management portal used to configure the entire solution, including CVP/CSVP and Printer agent.
CRL Certificate Revocation List An access control method to a server in a public network. It contains a list of subscribers with their digital certificate status.
Includes the list of revoked certificates, reason for revocation, date of certificate issue, who issued them. The server allows or denies access based on the CRL entry for the particular user.
CSV Comma Separated Values This file stores tabular data in plain‐text form.
DHCP Dynamic Host Communication Protocol A networking protocol to automatically distribute IP address to computers from a server
MAC Media Access Control Provides address and access for communication among terminals and network nodes
TCP‐IP Transmission Control Protocol‐Internet Protocol The core protocol of the Internet protocol suite.
LAN Local Area Network A computer network within a limited area, such as a small office building.
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol A protocol to manage devices on IP networks, usually supported by devices, such as printers, routers, switches, and so on.
EWS Embedded Web Server Embedded Web Server that provides web page to remotely manage the device settings.

Special Text Icons

This section lists the icons used in the document to indicate that the information corresponds to a particular Celiveo edition or is related to a special feature.

Icon Meaning
Print-Direct Edition
Business Edition
Business + Edition
Enterprise Edition
Premium Edition
Public Sector Connector
Financial Services Industry Connector
Oil & Gas Connector
SAP Connector
Stealth Mode Feature
Large Format Printers (LFP)
Last modified: 14 June 2024


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