Celiveo.me (Mobile Extension) Intranet is a local server service from Celiveo that allows users to send documents to pull-print by attaching them to emails.

The Celiveo.me mobile print service also exists in SaaS mode for clients who want to document processing to Cloud and decommission servers.
That solution is Celiveo.me SaaS, beyond print-through-email it provides Zero-Trust-Access security, print portal and Chrome Enterprise support.

Celiveo.me Intranet services

Print via Email

This feature allows users to submit documents to pull print as email attachments and can be done from any email client in any Operating System.

  1. These documents are sent to a corporate email address created by the customer e.g. celiveome@company.com
  2. This email inbox then applies all the corporate policies to validate “anti-spoofing, email forwarding, file size limit” and other corporate rules based on groups and OU.
  3. Celiveo.me Intranet runs as a service on the local network and automatically gets incoming emails, converts the attached documents when necessary, prepares them for print release.
  4. All communication is secure using TLS and uses the IMAP protocol with OAuth2 authentication

Supported File Types

  • “.txt”, “.rtf”, “.csv”
  • “.gif”, “.jpg”, “.jpeg”, “.png”, “.tif”, “.tiff”
  • “.doc”, “.docx” (unprotected)
  • “.pot”, “.potm”, “.potx” (unprotected)
  • “.pps”, “.ppsx”, “.ppt”, “.pptm”, “.pptx” (unprotected)
  • “.xls”, “.xlsm”, “.xlsx” (unprotected)


  • 64bit Microsoft Windows instance on the Intranet (VM, physical server or in a private Cloud) hosting the Celiveo.me Intranet service and with access to Microsoft 365.
    This server does not need to be dedicated. Supported OS: Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (>=1607), Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022
  • Celiveo 8 license with the Celiveo.me Intranet option, loaded in the Celiveo 8 Web Admin software
  • Microsoft 365 account dedicated to mobile print, with corporate email account and onedrive access
  • Access to “https://login.microsoftonline.com” and “https://graph.microsoft.com” with following permission **User.Read (To read user basic information like email and UPN) **Files.ReadWrite (To store email attachments into the account onedrive storage then transfer them on-premises) **Mail.ReadWrite (To process emails and delete them after processing them) **Mail.Send (To email the document sender in case of problem)


The Celiveo.me Intranet service is configured in the Celiveo Web Admin portal and exported as a ready-to-deploy CSVP (Celiveo Shared Virtual Printer) package.
That CSVP package needs to be installed on a non-dedicated Windows 10/11/Server instance on the Intranet (VM, physical server or in a private Cloud) .

Service Scalability

Each Celiveo.me Intranet enabled CSVP has an estimated bandwidth to process 30 (two pages) documents per minute and the processing throughput directly depends on the power of the Windows system (CPU, RAM, disk speed). Celiveo.me Intranet can process multiple documents in parallel to achieve a maximum throughput. Note that very complex documents or with heavy photos may take up to 1 minute to be processed, reducing the number of print jobs that can be processed per minute. An automatic spooling system puts documents to convert and analyze in a queue when print jobs submission peaks happen, documents will then be converted with a slight delay.
When the Celiveo.me enabled CSVP reaches the processing limit documents are not lost, they remain in the queue and are processed as other documents leave the processing queue to storage. If documents take longer to show in the printer front panel additional Celiveo.me enabled CSVP might be required to improve the overall user experience.

Last modified: 14 June 2024


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