Follow the steps below to deploy a Celiveo Virtual Printer on a user’s workstation:

  1. Download the Virtual Printer deployment package.
  2. Install the Virtual Printer on a user’s workstation.
  3. Silent installation
  4. Install Physical Printers for direct print.

1. Download Virtual Printer Deployment Package

  1. In the Web Admin, select the Celiveo Virtual Printer.
  2. Click .
    The Virtual Printer Deployment Package downloads.


In some cases, the Windows Defender antivirus identifies Celiveo Virtual Printer as a threat.

We have submitted the file to Microsoft for a malware analysis who confirmed this was a false positive as proven by the reports below:

To avoid this problem, make sure that you add Celiveo to the Windows Defender antivirus exclusion list. To do so, add the “C:\Program Files\Celiveo” folder to the exclusion list :

Celiveo software executable files are verified virus/malware using eSET Nod32, then digitally signed, and therefore can’t be patched at a later stage by a virus without triggering a signature failure alert.

If you receive an invalid signature alert, do not run the application as it means software has modified the binary file.

Recent versions of Windows Defender wrongly report some clean obfuscated .Net assemblies as a threat, this is a false positive.
Would you face that issue, we strongly recommend you try another anti-virus to get a confirmation before considering that detection as accurate.

2. Install Virtual Printer on User’s Workstation.

  1. Copy the Virtual Printer Deployment Package to a temporary folder on the user’s workstation.
  2. Right-click the Deployment Package. A menu displays.
  3. Click [Extract All].
  4. Select a temporary folder to extract the files to and click [Extract].
  5. Right-click [Installer] and Run as Administrator to start the installation.

3. Command-Line Installation

This setting allows customers to integrate the CVP in deployment packages and apply parameters also known switches to define the type of installation, note: The account deploying Celiveo Virtual Printer requires administrative rights. The parameters described here below can be cumulative.

Parameters Definition Example [1]
Bootstrap Pre-Requisites Parameters
/exelog "bootstrap.log" Outputs prerequisite bootstrap installer logs into bootstrap.log. "Celiveo Virtual Printer_Setup.exe" /exelog "bootstrap.log"
MSI Installer Parameters [2]
/l*v "setup.log" Outputs installer logs into setup.log. "Celiveo Virtual Printer_Setup.exe" /l*v "setup.log"
/qn Performs silent install on the target workstation without requesting any user interaction. "Celiveo Virtual Printer_Setup.exe" /qn
/x // Performs Celiveo Virtual Printer uninstallation on the target workstation. "Celiveo Virtual Printer_Setup.exe" /x //
Application Parameters
SILENT="true" This parameter won’t initiate Celiveo Virtual Printer after the installation. "Celiveo Virtual Printer_Setup.exe" SILENT="true"
APPDIR="C:\Install_directory" Installs Celiveo Virtual Printer in the defined path. "Celiveo Virtual Printer_Setup.exe" APPDIR="C:\Install_directory"
NOSC="true" Does not create a Celiveo Virtual Printer shortcut on the target workstation desktop. "Celiveo Virtual Printer_Setup.exe" NOSC="true"


[1] Command line parameters example for custom directory, silent installation and full logs. "Celiveo Virtual Printer_Setup.exe" /exelog "bootstrap.log" /qn /l*v "setup.log" APPDIR="D:\MY_CVP"

[2] For other MSI parameters check the following link.

3. Install Physical Printers for Direct Print

  1. Right-click on the system tray. A menu displays.
  2. Click [Choose another printer]. The Celiveo Virtual Printer screen displays.
    !(zoom){IMAGE-LINK+ }!
  3. Select the printer to use on this workstation, and click .
    A vertical yellow bar starts running on the Celiveo Virtual Printer system tray icon while the printer is installed on the workstation.
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 until you have added all the printers you need.
Last modified: 14 June 2024


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