The table below provides a comprehensive list of all the ports used by Celiveo solutions and describes the ports and applications used for communication between the Celiveo components that consist of the Celiveo Server Services, Web Admin Server, Active Directory, Database (SQL) server, the device, and the PC/laptop/workstation.

Origin Origin Service Name Destination Destination Service Name Destination Port Protocol Content Description
Celiveo Web Admin Software Celiveo Web Admin Code Active Directory slapd 636 or 389 TCP Admin setup for clear or TLS communication Used for Local ID list generation from the Active Directory.
HTTP Client Celiveo Smart Appliance Celiveo Embedded Code 80 TCP/HTTP Clear data HTTP Web Server – Read only, status page
Google Cloud Print Celiveo® Print-Web server Google Cloud Print services 80 / 443 TCP Clear/TLS 1.2
5222 XMPP TLS 1.2
HTTPS Client Printing Device Celiveo Smart Appliance 9400 / 443 / 9100 TCP Encrypted Used for sending Celiveo Embedded Solution and printer configuration
TLS 1.2
HP Celiveo Embedded Code AES128
Printing Device Celiveo Smart Appliance 8181 TCP TLS 1.2 Used to collect the Printer logs
HP Celiveo Embedded Code
SMTP Server Any 25 TCP Clear (admin choice) SMTP
SMTP Server Any 587 TCP TLS 1.2 SMTP via SSL/TLS
Celiveo Web Admin Code CVP on client PC Celiveo Virtual Printer Service.EXE 65219 Zipped content Optional: port used to retrieve client PC CVP logs from the WebAdmin portal, for troubleshooting.
Celiveo Virtual Printer Celiveo Virtual Printer SQL Server N/A 1433 ICMP TLS 1.2 Celiveo Virtual Printer Ping Verification
Celiveo Virtual Printer Celiveo Web Admin Software IIS 80 / 443 HTTP / HTTPS Clear/TLS 1.2 Failover system to collect SQL Server Connection Settings
Celiveo Virtual Printer.EXE Celiveo Notification service Celiveo Notification Service.EXE 22001 Encrypted Only needed for client PCs equipped with the optional standalone rules popup module for CSVP
Celiveo Authentication Gateway Celiveo Server Services Code Active Directory slapd 636 or 389 TCP Admin setup for clear or TLS communication Used if Celiveo Server Services is used for authentication on the legacy system. (for migration only).
Printing Device / Celiveo Smart Appliance Celiveo Embedded Code Active Directory slapd 636 or 389 TCP Admin setup for clear or TLS communication Used for Direct LDAP communication from the device.
Port 636 is used for TLS communication.
Celiveo Server Services/ Celiveo Web Admin Software Celiveo Embedded Code Celiveo Hardware Celiveo Embedded Code 9100 TCP / Raw Data Clear or AES128 encrypted (admin setup) Print data stream/ Celiveo Embedded Solution updates
Celiveo Printer Discovery Agent Client CeliveoPrinterDiscovery AgentService CeliveoPrinterDiscovery AgentService.exe 22201 TCP TLS 1.2 Used to update database
Discovery Agent Printing Device 161 UDP SNMP v 1/2/3 Used by SNMP to retrieve printer data
AirPrint iOS Mobile app Celiveo Print-Web Mobile Gateway 7910 TCP Printing from Apple iOS devices
Celiveo Print-Web Mobile app Celiveo Print-Web Mobile Gateway 9444 HTTPS
TLS 1.2
Multicast DNS 5353 UDP
Celiveo Print-Web Mobile Gateway Celiveo Print-Web Server 7290 / 9443 HTTP / HTTPS Clear/TLS 1.2
Celiveo Smart Appliance Celiveo Embedded Code in Printer Celiveo Server Services (for legacy systems) Celiveo Embedded Code 22000 TCP Encrypted XTEA128 + AES128 Celiveo Server Services
Pull Print Services
Print-Web Web interfaces and Web Print 7290 HTTP Clear (admin choice) Web interfaces for administrator configuration, web print upload and user print release
9443 HTTPS TLS 1.2
Email Print Celiveo® Print-Web server Mail Server POP3 non-TLS 110 TCP Clear (admin choice) The ports used depend on the mail servers configuration
POP3 TLS 995 TCP TLS 1.2
IMAP non-TLS 143 TCP Clear (admin choice)
SMTP non-TLS 25 TCP Clear (admin choice)
Exchange MAPI 135 TCP and Windows RPC TLS 1.2
Exchange WS 80 / 443 HTTP TCP / HTTPS TCP Clear/TLS 1.2
Web Admin/Celiveo Discovery Agent/CSS/CSA/Virtual Printer SQL Server sqlservr.exe Any/1433 TCP TLS 1.2 Used to allow remote connection to SQL Server
SQL Server Browser Any 1434/1433 UDP TLS 1.2 Used by SQL Browser service for enabling dynamic ports

Dynamic Ports

To allow the database connection with dynamic ports, it is necessary to allow connection through the firewall to both the SQL Server process (any port) and SQL Browser (port 1434).

Celiveo Shared Virtual Printer

Celiveo Shared Virtual Printer for Server-based Pull Printing relies on Microsoft Print Spooler, SMB and RPC services to share the print queue across the corporate network, these require the following ports to be open.
Note: These requirements are not applicable for Celiveo Virtual Printer for Serverless Pull Printing.

Application protocol Protocol Ports
NetBIOS Datagram Service UDP 138
NetBIOS Name Resolution UDP 137
NetBIOS Session Service TCP 139
Printer Sharing Spooler Service RCP* TCP/UDP 49152-65535

*Depends on the Windows Server Configuration

Service overview and network port requirements – Windows Server | Microsoft Docs

Last modified: 12 September 2022


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